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Keystone Business Advisors Inc. - Brokerage

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If you are thinking of selling a business or are searching for businesses for sale in Toronto (GTA) please contact us for a consultation.


Offering complete business brokerage services in the GTA & southern Ontario, Canada.

Welcome To Keystone Business Brokers

Keystone Business Brokers is a division of Keystone Business Advisors Inc., Brokerage and is a leading business brokerage company serving clients in Toronto, GTA and across southern Ontario. 
We help business owners looking to sell a business and assist buyers with businesses for sale.  Keystone Business Brokers is an Ontario brokerage and provides business sales and acquisition services.

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We assist with selling profitable businesses in Ontario
valued $10 million and under

We have many buyers looking for good businesses to buy.

Please contact us if you are thinking of buying or selling a business. 


Selling a Business

If you are an owner thinking of selling a business, we can assist you through process of selling your business and find you a qualified buyer for your business. We can assist you to sell your confidentially.

We deal with profitable companies ranging in value from $100,000 to $10 million. Contact us to request a confidential consultation or if you have any questions about how to sell a business.   

Business for Sale

We have various business for sale listings. If you are serious about finding businesses fo sale, please contact us. We would be happy to discuss the opportunities with you.  Browse our website to find a business for sale in Toronto, GTA, Hamilton and southern Ontario.

Buyers - please also fill out our buyer registration form to let us know what you're looking for.

Why Choose Us to Help Sell Your Business?

Selling a business is a full time endeavor that requires patience, perseverance and a level of detachment that business brokers provide. Unlike real estate or other assets, business brokerage is a field that requires a unique skill-set and level of experience. 

We know how to sell a business and have the expertise to help you successfully sell yours.

Find out more about our specialized professional services to business sellers.

Why Choose Us to Help You Buy a Business?

Buying a business for sale is not as straightforward an exercise as people may think.  he process is typically more involved and complex than a real estate transaction and most people are unfamiliar with the process.  There are many potentially costly pitfalls that an experienced professional can assist you with.

We will help navigate you through the transaction and have the information & resources to advise you on the various risks and opportunities that can be involved with buying an existing business. 

Types of Industries & Businesses

We can help you buy or list a business for sale in a variety of different industries:

Manufacturing, Health Care, Fitness, Medical, Retirement, Business Services, Distribution, Food, Hospitality & Restaurants, Retail, Transportation, Information Technology, Franchise re-sales, Education, Printing, Construction, Wholesale, Commercial Real Estate, Personal Services, Leisure Services, Automotive, Landscaping, mid-market companies, small businesses for sale and more.

Geography We Serve

We service the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and surrounding areas including Mississauga, Brampton, Milton, Oakville, Burlington, Brantford, Hamilton, Stoney Creek, Grimsby, St. Catharines, Waterloo, Kitchener, Cambridge, Guelph, London and Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.

We will work with business buyers and sellers throughout the southern Ontario Region (the 'Golden Horseshoe').

Service & Professionalism

Customer service is the most critical aspect for a business broker service.  We strive to provide all of our clients and customers with the highest levels of service & professionalism possible.  You can be assured that business ethics are of utmost importance to us.

We fully adhere to Ontario's Real Estate & Business Brokers Act (REBBA, 2002), the code of ethics and are fully governed by REBBA in all of our professional endeavors.

Keystone Business Brokers is also a proud member in good standing of theIBBA International Business Brokers Association (IBBA) and fully adheres to the IBBA code of ethics.

Looking to List Your Business for Sale?

Listing a business for sale is a major decision to make.  If you decide to go it alone without the services of a business broker please use caution.  There are many pitfalls you can expect.  The sale process can be quite complex as it is a much more involved transaction than a typical real estate deal.  Also remember that when you are putting your business up for sale that it is not your only responsibility - you still have to manage your existing company which means managing staff, marketing to your clients and managing cash flow.  This can be a very difficult process to juggle.

By relying on a local business intermediary (Hamilton to Toronto business broker) you are getting a professional that is competent and experienced in selling small businesses.  Keystone Business Brokers (or 'intermediaries' or 'sales representatives') can assist you to find a qualified buyer in a quicker period of time and help you determine the selling price of your business.

Take the time to consider what is right for you but please remember to consider all the facts when you decide to sell a company.

Business brokers have training and must licensed by the province of Ontario (under the Real Estate and Business Brokers Act, 2002) to act as business intermediaries (or "brokers" or "sales representatives").

Interested in buying a business?  Whether you are a new immigrant who just arrived in Toronto, Hamilton, Mississauga, Oakville or Burlington (or the surrounding area in the Golden Horseshoe) and want to buy a company, or are looking to find a different opportunity, it would be wise to consult with a professional.  Business brokerages can help you find that right small business in Canada you are looking for.

If you want to list a Canadian company for sale or if you are an entrepreneur, investor or corporate employee looking for a something to invest in, please deal with a business brokerage professional that is accredited with appropriate training, proper Ontario licensing and the right education.